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Bukobot 3D Printer

Bukobot & Bukito 3D Printer Wiki

The Reprap Bukobot 3D printer was designed by Diego Porqueras of Deezmaker and can be purchased at the Deezmaker Store.

Based on the RepRap tradition of self-replication and open source software, Bukobot can print most of the parts necessary to build a second printer and the software is free to use and modify by all. Bukobot also relies on some of the best aspects of previous RepRap models while making many improvements along the way, making it is easy to build, easy to use, extremely sturdy, and very affordable. Most importantly, Bukobot is designed to expand to fit your needs so that, as you upgrade your model to include more printheads and a larger printing platform, you can easily incorporate new parts and expand the printer’s structure. This leaves it open to fine tuning, hacks and tricks provided by Bukobot users from the Bukobot community.

Bukobot Tips & Tricks Bukobot ForumsTroubleshootingUser Created Add-Ons, Mods & Hacks

If you would like to register to contribute to these pages, you will now need to email us at wiki[at] with a USERNAME, Your Real Name and Email. You will then get a return email with a random password to login. Sorry to have to do this, but we've had many spam bots and will keep this until we figure out a better solution. Thanks.

3D Pictures of the Bukobot 3D Printer

Since the Bukobot is all about 3D, why not make some 3D pictures to show it off? If you have a pair of red/blue 3D glass, check out these images for a cool 3D effect of the Bukobot.

This is a Bukobot 8 Vanilla at the Deezmaker 3D Printer Store working hard making more Bukobot parts.

Some printed items we have displayed at the 3D printer shop that were created by Bukobots.

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