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Host & Slicing Settings

These settings are universal, but we recommend Repetier Host. Visit Software to Install page for downoads.

Slic3r profiles to get started

Bukobot v2 Slic3r profiles Bukito Slic3r profiles

Bukobot v1 Slic3r profiles

Note that these profiles are pretty conservative, and a well-tuned Bukobot should be able to use them at 150-200% speed.

Installing Slic3r Profiles

Step #1 - Before trying to add these profiles, you should launch Slic3r and close it so that it will create the folder for its settings.

Step #2 - You should unpack the printer, print & filament folders of the Slic3r profiles into this folder.

On a Mac, the Slic3r folder will be at
~/Library/Application Support/Slic3r
(as of Lion, ~/Library is a hidden folder, so use the “GO > Go to Folder” menu option i the Finder).
On Windows the Slic3r folder should be at
(for Windows 7).

Global Specs / Settings

All numbers are usually in metric millimeters (mm) and temperatures are in celsius (C) unless noted.

  • Compatibility: Reprap 5D / Marlin / Sprinter (250,000 Baud)
  • Nozzle Diameter: 3mm Filament / 0.35mm extrusion hole for Bukobots, 1.75mm Filament / 0.5mm extrusion hole for Bukito
  • Extruders: 1 for all except for the Bukobot 8 Duo which has 2
  • X & Y Steps using 15 teeth / 3.18 pitch synchromesh cable 111.98/mm at 1/32 microstepping
  • Z Steps for M6 threaded rods: 6400/mm at 1/32 microstepping
  • Extruder Steps using Tatsu Drive Gear and 13.6:1 ratio stepper motor (Bukobot): 630/mm at 1/8 microstepping
  • Extruder Steps using Tatsu Drive Gear and direct-drive stepper motor (Bukito): 185.2/mm at 1/32 microstepping
  • X/Y Travel Speed: 100-355mm/sec (150mm/sec recommended)
  • X/Y Extruding Speeds: Max about 200mm/sec (tested), (100mm/sec average recommended)
  • Extruder Retract Speed: 25mm/sec or less (20mm recommended)
  • Z axis speed: 250mm/minute (4mm/sec) or less (200mm/minute recommended)
  • Bukobot Build Volume: 200mm X 200mm X 200mm (8” inches cube), platform center: X:100mm, Y:100mm
  • Bukito Build Volume: 125mm X 150mm X 125mm (5”x6”x5” inches cube), platform center: X:62.5mm, Y:150mm

Repetier-Host Settings

repetier-mac-settings.jpg repetier-windows-settings.jpg

Use the following values for the Printer Settings in Repetier-Host.


  • Baudrate = 250000
  • Stop Bits, Parity, Transfer Protocol, Receive Cache Size, Use Ping-Pong are left as defaults.

Printer / Behavior

  • Travel Feed Rate = 9000mm/min (==150mm/s)
  • Z-Axis Feed Rate = 6000mm/min (==100mm/s)
  • Default Extruder Temp = 200
  • Default Heated Bed Temp = 60
  • Number of Extruders = 1 for Vanilla / Bukito or 2 for Duo.
  • Check Remove M105 Request from Log.
  • Park Position (These settings “Parks” the extruder, but choose whatever you like.
    • For 8” / 200mm platforms (Bukobots) X=0, Y=200, Z-Min=10
    • For 6” / 150” (Mini/Bukito) X=0, Y=125, Z-Min=10
  • Check Go to Park Position after Job/Kill (the Slicer end code settings suggested below already do this)
  • Check Disable Motors after Job/Kill
  • Check Disable Heater
  • Check Disable Motors
  • Other settings can be left as defaults

Printer Shape / Dimensions

  • Printer Type: Classic Printer
    • Bukobot 8 v1/v2 Vanilla (Single): X & Y = 0, XMax, YMax & Z = 200
    • Bukobot 8 Duo v2 (Dual Extruder): X = 0, Xmax = 235, YMax & Z = 200, Bedfront = 0, BedLeft = 35
    • Bukobot 8 Duo v1 (Dual Extruder): X = 0, Xmax = 275, YMax & Z = 200, BedLeft = 75

Note “BedFront” is not the offset of the front of the bed as you might think; it is the Y axis offset when the hot end is at the front of the print area. In other words, you should think of co-ordinate motion in terms of the tool head moving in relation to an imaginary stationary object rather than the movement of the platform itself. This is why for the Bukobot design the Y axis minimum position occurs when the bed is at the rear of the printer so that the hot end is at the front of the bed.

  • Print Area Width/Depth/Height:
    • Bukobot 8 v1/v2: All 200
    • Bukobot Mini: All 150
    • Bukito: X=125, Y=150, Z=125

Note: the XMin and YMin values assume you have adjusted the X & Y endstops so that they trigger when the extruder is even with the corresponding edge of the print area. For a Duo you should be looking at the right-hand extruder (Extruder 2) for the X endstop adjustment.


  • Can be left as default.

Slicer Settings


G28; Home All Axis


M104 S0; Turns off Extruder heaters
M109 S0; Turns off Heated Bed heaters
G1 X0 Y150; Homes X axis and brings object to the front
M84; Disables all motors

Filament: 2.87mm average, range of 2.80mm - 3.00mm will vary with filament color / batch

Hot End (Extruder) Temperatures

  • PLA (Diamond Age / 185c average, some colors may need more or less up to 200c
  • PLA (Ultimachine, others): 200c average, some colors may need more or less up to 210c or so.
  • ABS: Between 210-230c with 220 average for most colors

Platform Temperatures

  • PLA: With Kapton tape or clean glass 60c
  • PLA: With Blue Masking tape 0c (room temperature)
  • ABS: With Kapton Tape 110c, if still doesn’t stick well, try up to 120c.

Quality Settings

Note: Most settings will depend greatly on the objects being printed but these are recommended as a starting point.

First layer height should always be 0.3mm (for better platform adhesion)

  • fast printing use 0.3mm
  • Good quality 0.2mm
  • High detail: 0.1mm or 0.05mm

Raft/Brim: Usually not needed, but may depend on object.

Fill: Recommended minimum of 3 solid layers and 2 perimeters (shells) for good results.

Filament Cooling

PLA usually does not need a fan for cooling, but it will help produce better results and faster prints for small parts, bridging and details.

  • Install a fan duct to add cooling for PLA (like example image)
  • Use software to slowdown print:
    • Min layer time: 20 seconds
    • Minimum Speed: 10mm/sec

ABS should not be cooled with a fan, but should use the same settings as PLA to slow down the printing when doing very small areas or parts

Dual Extruder Calibration Script

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