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3D Printing Design Apps & Object Repositories

3D design or CAD programs are compatible with 3D printers

In general, any program that outputs to an “STL” or “OBJ” file format may be used for 3D printing on a Bukobot.

Here's a list of some popular software which can export to a compatible program:


OpenSCAD is a software for creating solid 3D CAD objects. The Bukobot was mostly designed using OpenSCAD. It does not focus on the artistic aspects of 3D modelling but instead on the CAD aspects and provides two main modeling techniques: Constructive Solid Geometry (aka CSG) and extrusion of 2D outlines. It's also a very good CAD program to make designs parameteric and easy to modify by other users.
Free/Open Source (GNU GPL v2)

Online (Chrome, Firefox)
Leopoly is a three-dimensional online modelling, a digital playground, that helps bring out the 3D designer in everyone. All models created and saved on the Leopoly website are available for further shaping by the whole Leopoly community. It is easy and fun: an intuitive tool that helps you get your designs ready for 3D printing in no time. With its Leonar3Do VR Hardware Kit, is the only full immersive 3D tool. It yanks you out of the flat two-dimensional world and drops you right into the exciting world of 3D modelling.http://www.leopoly.comAvailable Free
3D Hardware

Online (Firefox / Chrome Browser)Tinkercad supports all 3D printers on the market that accept the industry standard STL file format. & Subscription Pricing

Lots of documentation and videos online. Specific support for 3d printing: remove duplicate vertices, select non-manifold.
Setting up Blender to use with Bukobot
Preparing models for printing using Blender
Free/ Open Source

Trimble Sketchup (formally Google Sketchup
Dozens of video tutorials, an extensive Help Center and a worldwide user community mean that anyone who wants to make 3D models with SketchUp, can. & Pro Pricing

Autodesk 123D Design
In addition to 123D Design, Autodesk also have 123D Catch (for building 3D models from photos) and 123D Sculpt (for building 3D models like modelling clay). 123D Design: (Win,Mac,iPad,browser)
123D Catch: (Win, iOS and browser)
123D Sculpt: (iPad only)
Proprietary (but Free)

Design Spark Mechanical Home
Produce highly detailed dimensioned worksheets. Remove bottlenecks by making amendments and additions to your design in seconds, rather than waiting for the CAD department to rework in history-based CAD tools. Combine your creation with off-the-shelf components from RS Components and the Allied Electronics 3D library. Create geometry easily with powerful and intuitive gesture-based modelling, no need to be a CAD expert DesignSpark Mechanical: (Windows)Proprietary (but Free)

Find and download 3D objects to print

There are many sites to get 3D objects from, here is a list of a few popular ones:

  • Thingiverse - An extremely popular site for downloading free 3D objects made by the 3D printing community.
  • Instructables - A huge site with step-by-step how-tos for all sorts of DIY projects, including ideas for your 3D printer complete with object files.
  • Shapeways 3D Objects - A marketplace for objects and downloadable models.
  • Trimble 3D Warehouse - Formally Google 3D Warehouse, this site is populated mostly by architectural and interior design models.

A collection of some useful, fun or interesting things can be found here.

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