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The Buko Framework

Buko is a design framework that not only promotes quality, dependability, and efficiency, but, also, customization. In designing Bukobot, the best features from the RepRap community were used, while other features were improved upon, replaced, or done away with entirely. From build to use, Bukobot promises a great user experience through the utilization of quality motors, electronics, and structural parts that ensure a more durable, more reliable, and faster 3D printer:

  • The Buko framework makes building Bukobot much easier than many 3D printers, without sacrificing print quality. Even for the less experienced, Bukobot can take just a few hours to build. And building Bukobot only requires simple tools: allen keys, screwdrivers, utility knives, and needle nose pliers.
  • Bukobot does not use any laser-cut wood, acrylic, structural threaded rods, or special machining. This reduces cost and energy spent building a Bukobot. If it cannot be printed in 3D, bought off of the shelf, or made at home with simple tools, it is not required to build a Bukobot. A few waterjet-cut aluminium pieces are included in the retail kits to keep the cost down; however all such components have an alternate, printable component design available for those wanting to build their Bukobots in a Reprap tradition.
  • The Buko framework introduces some new engineering components rarely seen in other 3D printers. Bukobot is made with ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE), an easy to find material used on Bukobot’s Z-axis to reduce the number of parts needed to build Bukobot, as well as to make Bukbot quieter and live longer. Bukobot also uses stainless steel Syncromesh Cable, which conserves space, increases the printer’s strength, and lowers costs.
  • Bukobot is made from aluminum extrusions connected at strong and rigid joints that make Bukobot’s frame nearly impossible to bend. With Marlin firmware, Bukobot is able to run faster than most printers right from the start, but, with the additions of a good extruder and powerful motors, Bukobot’s performance speed is increased even more.

Bukobot in the World

Bukobot is an educational tool. In using Bukobot, you can learn about electronics, engineering, mechanics, 3D modeling, and many other sciences through direct, hands-on experience. Therefore, for the creative teacher or parent, Bukobot can be a great gateway for children and students to develop a passion for science and math. In fact, Deezmaker, the retail store and home of Bukobot, is in the process of developing build parties where students can learn how to build and use Bukobot.

Bukobot is an entrepreneurial tool. Through shops like Etsy, artists and craftspeople are selling their printed jewelry, bottle openers, sculptures, and iPhone cases to the public. Shapeways, an online shop for 3D models, allows users to sell their own unique designs for download. There is even one company selling 3D printed action figures of you yourself.

Bukobot is open source. Bukobot is a member of the open source community with files and design open to the public. By supporting Bukobot, you are helping to improve Bukobot, as well as support the development of the open source movement.

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