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This is our Bukobot Mini mod to attach a Qu-bd MK7 Makerbot-style extruder available from This is currently a work in progress, but we will update once printing has been achieved.

A number of changes had to be made to accommodate the new extruder. We also purchased a 6×6 heated build platform (ABS) as we'll be printing with ABS.

Everything required except the following items are already included in your Buko DIY kit:

  • Drill capable of cutting aluminum.
  • Riser at the same dimension of your platform.
  • Soldering iron + electrical solder.
  • Parts provided by QU-BD (plus motor if needed.)

Step 1: Take out your aluminum plate that cradles your extruder & drill two holes (aligning them with the universal plate in the 1.75 extruder kit so the nozzle ends up in the middle of the big hole.)

Step 2: Build and install extruder as directed by QU-BD's instructions EXCEPT remove this bolt on top the black brick. Screw the threaded nozzle down till it's flush with the brick.

Step 3: The fan provided by QU-BD is too short. Solder a longer wire or use the fan provided in your kit (compatibility unknown.)

Step 4: Increase the hieght of your build platform as this extruder is much shorter (and therefore creates almost an inch more of vertical build space.) Without adding more height to your platform, your extruder will not reach the platform.

To do this, take any material safe to use over 120 degrees celcius (we used two layers of thin Lego bricks) till your extruder touches the platform. Raise the extruder and calibrate again.

That's all folks!

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