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Do you wish you could get your Bukobot to turn itself off after it finishes a print?

Then have a look at these instructions:

For the Azteeg Controller you simply need to recompile your Marlin firmware to change ”#define KILL_PIN -1” to be assigned to any one of your unused digital output pins. [Any non-ground or power Arduino expansion pin can be used as a digital output - even the ones marked as analog input inputs or serial connections (SDA/SCL/TX/RX).]

There seem to be a couple of options for relays: - the one mentioned in the link is the SSR-25-DA: such as (6.4cm x 4.5cm x 2.3cm) - you could also get a non-solid-state relay such as which is slightly smaller (6.5cm x 1.7cm)

With a bit of planning or minor redesign one of these should be able to fit within an enclosuure such as described here:

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