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Inventory your parts

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This page pertains to the Bukobot v1. Some portions may be useful to v2 owners. For more information, see here.

Compare the parts you received with the official parts list. If you have the Duo kit, you should have twice as many of certain parts.

Sheet of cardboard?

If your Bukobot has a heated bed, you may have received some material for use as insulation on the underside of that bed. In some kits this is a sheet of cardboard, eight inches square. (Actually the correct term is corrugated paperboard; “cardboard” is what they make cards from.) Don't throw this away; it's not just packing material.

On the Azteeg controller board

Check your Azteeg controller board. Compare with the images below. Do you have the driver boards? A few people didn't get them.

One driver board:

On the Azteeg X3, there are five driver boards plugged into the top of the controller, visible here on the right:

The Azteeg X1 uses the same driver boards, but only four of them.

Also check that there is an extra four-conductor connector soldered onto the underside of the controller board. It is connected to the Z axis motor connector. (It's not visible in the image above.)

On the heated bed

If you have the heated bed, check that its thermistor is present. It's on the underside, in the middle:


(In this image, its leads haven't been trimmed yet, and it hasn't been covered with tape yet. And the thermistor should be bent farther down into the hole.)

If you think you are missing something, ask on the forum.

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