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jit's build: X right end

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This page pertains to the Bukobot v1. Some portions may be useful to v2 owners. For more information, see here.


Parts in bag 16. (Your Z slide parts may be different than shown here at the right; you don't need those right now, so don't worry about them.)

Clean Part

Clean up this part as before, including the two small holes for the Z slide screws (3 mm). (If you were an early adopter, you may have four small holes instead.)

Add Parts

Add a few more parts from the synchromesh cable kit (bag 11):

Note that the idler ring (pulley) has a lip or flange on one side that prevents the bearing from passing all the way through it. Position the ring/bearing combination so that this lip is facing toward the other printed part. That way, in the unlikely event that the ring starts to shift off the bearing, the lip will prevent the ring from falling off and rolling away.

The M8 bolt self-taps into the idler block, with no nut; make sure it goes in straight. It should not be necessary to adjust the size of its hole. Whenever you remove and replace this bolt, make sure you line up with the same thread; otherwise you will gradually increase the size of the hole and the threads won't hold.

Tighten the M8 bolt, not too tight. Then set this assembly aside, along with its Z-slide sub-kit.

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