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jit's build: Y front end

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This page pertains to the Bukobot v1. Some portions may be useful to v2 owners. For more information, see here.


Parts in bag 13.

The items at the top come from the synchromesh cable kit (bag 11).

Not shown in the image above: the Y axis foot. See the last image below or here for that.

Clean Part

Start by cleaning up the large printed plastic part.

As with the Y back end, check that the screws and nuts fit. Also widen the two large holes in the Y axis foot if necessary.

Assemble Part

Assemble as shown:

Top view:

The lip or flange on the idler ring is on the bottom. The big washer goes under the bearing. You might actually need two washers there, but this can wait until a later step.

Bottom view, showing the Y axis foot:

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